Linda IKEJI : Millionnaire grâce à son blog

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  1. ThomasWop dit :

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  2. Linda Ikeji dit :

    Linda Ikeji, celebrity blogger, has admitted that she’s beneath “intense pressure” to find a husband.
    Ikeji, whose marital status has been a recurring subject of public discourse, says she
    is fed up of getting constantly prodded by “family and friends” to get married.
    The famous blogger spoke on the subject, ‘Pressure To Marry Just before 30’, alongside two other girls, in a
    current feature on Genevieve Magazine. Marriage is not an achievement.
    There is so a great deal additional to life than being someone’s wife,” Ikeji said defiantly though also underscoring the importance of settling down. Seemingly unnerved by her personal individual practical experience, Ikeji additional said: “I do not know how many of you single girls are beneath pressure to get married but I am.

    Stress from household, good friends and individuals who just cannot thoughts their business.
    The pressure is so intense appropriate now I feel like going to husband marketplace
    – if there is any such issue – to acquire
    myself some breathing space. Chigurl, a comedian, singer and actress, believes ladies enable themselves to be affected
    by the continual nagging of relatives and parents. In my
    opinion, the stress is not a fabrication. It is very real.
    Right after you have won aso-ebi about a million occasions, you commence to
    wonder when it is going to be your turn to sell aso-ebi too.
    And when you issue in mums and aunties frequently reminding you about the shelf life of women. She argued that marriages are prone to failure when a couple
    is pressured to walk down the aisle. People today might even recommend some extremely strange
    things to you to do to ‘earn’ marriage. Well, I have come to realise
    that we enable ourselves to be pressured. The decision to get
    married need to not be taken mainly because you are getting pressured, that could lead to a disaster.
    Don’t let anybody make you go into something you are not
    ready for or your joy may perhaps be quick-lived.

    I am and can be so many points but surely not a writer. People today, having said that, can do distinctive
    stuff they by no means did for some purpose or a different,
    and this is mine. This is my very first time of carrying out something like this, just due to the
    fact I want to tell you what you mean to me. I decided to do
    this here to inform everyone what an inspiration you are to so lots of men and women, young girls and
    I specifically. If I say I am your most significant fan, quite a few persons
    would want to eat me up by claiming they are, but I consider I am
    your most significant fan and I pray nothing at all changes that Linda
    Ifeoma Ikeji.

    I open your blog most times before even saying my prayers (which is incorrect) and
    very same goes at evening. I study your story often since it inspires me and
    pushes me to do much more. Your story is similar to mine, though my breakthrough isn’t here however.
    I speak about you like I know you just like the Imam knows the Koran. I dream of meeting and
    interacting with you. While one particular of my opportunities came
    at the phase 2 of your pet project, I could only see you.
    I didn’t have the chance to talk to you because of
    the crowd, but I pray to do that soon. I like celebrities a lot like Tiwa Savage,
    Sean Tizzle,2 Face, DJ Lambo, Adekunle Gold,
    Olamide and so on, but you, my Aunty Linda, I like you like you enjoy pecks.

    I like you like 2Face loves Annie. I appreciate u like Banky loves his beard.
    I appreciate you like I adore my boyfriend. I enjoy you
    like my sister loves my dad. I could go on and on, but I would
    stop here for the now. I verify Google to know far
    more about you like I would do for my MTH417 (numerical evaluation) course.
    Some buddies even contact me Linda Ikeji pikin and
    some other individuals would say Linda Ikeji no go kill you.
    When I lastly get to meet you, I pray that I am not lost for words
    to tell you how significantly of an inspiration you are to me.

    There is probably not a single person left in Nigeria who has
    in no way heard about Linda Ikeji or lindaikejiblog. She is a prolific (though sometimes controversial) Nigerian blogger who accomplished accomplishment in a fairly
    quick time. But how can you attain her? We will inform
    you how to speak to Linda Ikeji, exactly where you can come across her,
    and who she is, just in case you missed it. So who is Linda Ikeji and why would you want to get in touch with her?

    Linda Ifeoma Ikeji is a well-known Nigerian blogger.
    She was born on September 19, 1980 in Nkwerre, Nigeria.
    In 2006, she began to weblog, and in 2007 she made her blog on Blogspot (now Blogger), which later received its custom domain name
    Nowadays, Linda Ikeji’s weblog is deemed to be one of the most
    viewed blogs and Nigeria.

    In 2014, her name was the most searched query on Google
    Nigeria. Thanks to her blog, she got a spot on the list of 20 most prominent African ladies,
    issued by Forbes. Her blog also helped Linda make a career and a hefty fortune.

    Even so, she does not spend all of her blogging income on herself.
    Linda Ikeji has created a charity project called
    ‘I’d Rather Be Self-Made’ by way of which she aids young
    girls fund their innovative enterprise concepts. You may well have different causes for contacting
    Linda. You could want to share your opinion on her articles, or commend her for her charity perform, or even just ask what she’s performing at that moment.
    We are right here to give you the implies for contacting
    her. Just keep in mind: be respectful and do not harass
    her or people today around her.

    You could possibly disagree with what she has to say, but do not express your disagreement in an aggressive
    manner. If you are cool with that, continue reading. If you have to have to make contact with Linda, you are
    in luck, as there are so quite a few choices to decide on from!
    She is incredibly active on all of her social media,
    so it shouldn’t be that difficult to attain her. The easiest way to speak to her would possibly be via the comment section on lindaikeji weblog.
    If you want to express your opinion about
    a distinct post, just click beneath it and leave your comment.

    Be aware that it will most most likely not appear proper away, as Linda or somebody
    from her team has to verify it 1st. Following many controversies, Linda Ikeji has develop
    into additional careful with what she and other people post on her blog.
    If you prefer to study and comment on blogs from your phone, you can download Linda Ikeji mobile weblog application from
    your App Shop, Google Play Industry or Windows Shop.
    It is known as Linda Ikeji Blog and it is free. It makes it additional hassle-free for mobile customers to read Linda
    Ikeji blog. Even so, some users reported issues with images not loading.

    In addition to her blog, Linda has accounts on all of her
    key social media web-sites.

    You can uncover her on Instagram (@officiallindaikeji), exactly where she shares her outfits of the day and occasional events that she visits
    with her 1.two million followers. She has an account on Twitter (@lindaikeji), where she largely tweets about different
    news to her audience of 1.65 million followers. Obviously, Linda has a private Facebook page, as well as various fan pages.
    On her official web page, she has practically 300 thousand likes, but all she posts there are videos from her YouTube channel, Linda Ikeji Television, where her
    audience is considerably smaller (12 thousand subscribers).
    She created it so that her readers could communicate with every single other,
    as nicely as uncover out news firsthand.

    You can also attain her there. If you want to ask or inform her one thing personal that you wouldn’t like anyone else but her to see, we advise you e-mail her.
    She has a personal e-mail address, which she most most likely checks frequently.
    Her firm, Linda Ikeji Media, which includes such solutions as Television, radio and music, also has two business e-mails
    you can write to. However, there is no assure that Linda
    herself will study your message. The e-mails are
    and When we are on the subject of Linda Ikeji
    Media, you can basically visit their physical office.

    It is located at Plot 29 Busola Durusimi Etti Dr, Lekki
    Phase 1, in Lagos, Nigeria. By the way, they are presently hiring, so you can get yourself a job,
    as well! They say it is a fantastic location to operate at:
    22 rooms, several recording studios, a VIP lounge, a cafeteria, a education center and other exciting capabilities.

    If you would like to meet Linda Ikeji personally, she frequently
    holds events for her charity we’ve told you about it in the preceding section. For
    instance, she lately held a Self produced Woman Conference and visited her
    alma mater. You can also catch her at several award shows exactly where she comes as either a journalist
    and as a nominee. And there is generally the possibility to uncover her
    at her office. Now that you know how to make contact with Linda Ikeji, all you
    have to have to figure out is what to ask her! Of course,
    we can’t assistance you with that, you will have to do it on your personal.
    We can only advise you to look for inspiration on her blog.
    So gather your wits and courage and go ahead!

    Thriving in recession

    Instagram – @officiallindaikeji (her audience there is about 1.2 million followers)

    Click on the “Search” icon on the proper

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    You Find out New Abilities

    Tolu “Toolz” Oniru

    Linda Ikeji (born September 19, 1980),known professionally as
    Queen of Bloggers is a Nigerian blogger, writer,
    model and entrepreneur. She is also recognized for posting controversial celebrity posts.
    She is an indigene of Nkwerre L.G.A in Imo State, Nigeria.
    She was born into a loved ones with a seriously humble background, and is the second
    of seven children. She was raised in a Christian Catholic house.

    She Studied English Language in University of Lagos. She started modeling in 1998 and gave up in 2005.

    She was also a fashion columnist for a struggling celebrity magazine, and soon after two years
    of toiling in the news room, she gave up that as well. She came into entertainment as
    a determined model while studying in University of Lagos.

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    your weblog. When i just began blogging, if somebody would have asked me a basic query like amongst Linda Ikeji’s Blog and
    Neil Patel’s Blog, Whose Weblog Tends to make Extra Money?

    Linda Ikeji’s Weblog because i was so blinded by the
    website traffic misconception talked about above.
    So i was completely convinced that site visitors is income.
    In order to speedily get lots of visitors, i decided not to concentrate on a specific niche but to build a common knowledge blog so that
    i could freely write about anything that could bring
    any visitor to my blog. It was right after i understood the
    difference among targeted site visitors (top quality) and
    untargeted (just quantity) site visitors that i began creating
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    devoid of any iota of doubt that Neil Patel’s Weblog makes five times the amount of
    funds that Linda Ikeji makes from her blog per year.
    For these of you who don,t know who Linda Ikeji is, Linda Ikeji is the most well-known Nigerian blogger.

    The estimated month-to-month guests to her weblog according
    to the Google keyword planner search statistic is additional than 1.4 million and the estimated monthly web page
    views of her blog is extra than six million page views.
    According to the Google keyword planner tool, 98% of her internet visitors utilized the keyword Linda Ikeji to locate her weblog through Google.

    The monthly search volume of the keyword Linda Ikeji is 1.two million. Linda
    Ikeji monetize her weblog via Google Adsense and by
    promoting advertisements spots to Nigerian e-enterprise
    guys. For these of you who don,t know who Neil Patel is, Neil Patel is a really common blogger (recognized planet wide).
    According to Neil Patel, his blog acquire much more than 2.five million guests per year and generates more than a million dollar in income per year.

    Majority of his weblog visitors discovered his blog via the Google search engine making
    use of targetted keywords like how to start out a weblog,
    how to make income blogging and other relevant search terms.
    From the statistics provided above, you can see that the monthly targeted traffic of Linda Ikeji’s blog is nearly equal
    to the yearly take a look at to Neil Patel’s Blog. However Neil Patel makes five occasions the quantity of revenue
    created by Linda Ikeji. Somebody may well likely want to ask why?
    Causes Why Neil Patel’s Weblog makes much more funds
    than Linda Ikeji’s weblog. The main explanation why
    Neil Patel’s blog make 5 instances far more funds than Linda Ikeji’s Weblog (even although Linda Ikeji’s blog gets 10 times additional visitors than Neil Patel’s Weblog) is due to excellent (targetted) site visitors.

    Like i stated prior to, 98% of the visitors to Neil Patel’s weblog landed on his blog applying extremely
    precise or targeted search phrases like how to begin a weblog, how to
    make cash blogging and other marketing friendly search phrases.
    If somebody searches in Google for “how to start a blog” they definitely want
    to start out a weblog and so these searches will convert
    a lot improved by way of affiliate advertising and yield a greater click by way of
    rate in adsense. Linda Ikeji’s weblog is a standard instance of a
    blog with untargeted (quantity) website traffic i.e.
    traffic that can,t be effortlessly monetize in particular via Affiliate advertising
    and marketing.

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